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What to consider when choosing a tutor for your child

If you think getting a qualified, effective tutor for your child will require an expensive and inflexible contract, read this!

Busting myth #1: Tutoring is only for wealthy families - NOT

I can offer high quality, successful tutoring for accessible rates because I keep my overhead low. You come to me, reducing my costs in time and travel. If you still struggle to pay my low rates, I have partial and full Scholarships available~ I make tutoring accessible for all kids, regardless of income, so it’s no longer a matter of needing a tutor and not being able to attain one.

Busting myth #2: Tutoring requires an inflexible contract - NO

First, I meet with you for a free introductory session to talk about your concerns, issues and goals and my methods, systems and strategies. If you (and your child) like what you hear, we’ll get started. If not, nothing lost.Second, I give a 10% discount for signing up for 4 sessions in advance, but there is no pressure to do that. You may also sign up for 8 sessions for a 15% discount. You are always free to just have one session at a time at your discretion.If you give me 24-hour notice to cancel a session, we can reschedule it at no charge. Emergencies are also not counted as a “late cancel” and can be rescheduled.

Busting myth #3: The only affordable tutor is unqualified - NO

I am a former teacher with a master’s in secondary science education who has taught in public and charter schools and has tutored for about 10 years. I know what your child needs to know and I know many strategies for presenting math concepts in different, fun and understandable ways.

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